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Provide you exactly what you want,exactly when you want it,as much as you want! That's Viscotecs.
What's Viscotecs?
Seven advantages of the Viscotecs system
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What's Viscotecs?

Suppose you want to print your photos or original illustrations onto a variety of fabrics. To make that desire a reality, we proudly present Viscotecs, a digital production system for fabrics. Beautifully and faithfully print onto fabric the digital data of your favorite design, in any computer-generated color, size, or style. The Viscotecs system is environmentally conscious, using a fifth to a twentieth less water and energy than other methods.
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Comparison of Viscotecs and other production methods
  Other production methods Viscotecs
Color capacity 10〜20 colors 16.77 million colors
1 repeat 1 meter x 2 meters 50 meters x 40 meters
Lot size 2,000 meters per lot 1 meter to 1 piece of clothing per lot
Lead Time 6 months to 1 year 2 hours to 5 hours
Resources vast amounts of water and energy, loss of inventory, personnel 1/5 〜 1/20of existing water usage and energy usage
loss of inventory virtual inventory (data inventory)
personnel automation
Environment pollution non-polluting
Workplace water and steam, odor, boots hotel factory

About the Viscotecs System
The seven advantages of the Viscotecs system overcome the limitations of mechanical plate printing. Our Visco Design CAD captures your computer-generated design. Then the Viscotecs CAM dyes your design onto your selected fabric to give you a finished product with no time lag. It's a unique system that brings seamless service to your planning, production, and sales. Its fusion of more than 100 years of artistry, expertise, and cutting-edge information technology can be applied to virtually all kinds of production systems, making it possible for you to provide anything from a one-of-a-kind custom-order garment to mass production on a global level.
Seven advantages of the Viscotecs system