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In every corner of the world, across all time zones. Make your planning, production, and sales happen without feeling remote.

Viscotecs provides a global production system that unites in a single network and across time zones and distances the operations of our planning and design department with the operations of our production department. We have already established local Viscotecs production and sales in the United States and Thailand. Local planning and design services that foresee and quickly respond to worldwide trends will soon be available in the United States (in California) and China, as well as in Japan. We are making it possible to respond to customer demands in an instant anywhere in the world.

Life Science Central Station (TPF Operation) Life Science Central Station (TPF Operation) [U.S.A.]Viscotec Automotive Products, LLC [U.S.A.]Viscotec World Design Center, LLC [Thailand]Saha Seiren Co., Ltd., Bangkok Office